Setting Out Surveys

We offer a range of construction engineering surveying including setting out of building grid lines, level datums, foundations and blockwork.

  • LSetting out surveys across Cornwall.
  • LBuilding grid lines, level datums, walls and foundations.
  • LFast turnaround service available.
  • LAccurately transfer project designs into the real world.
  • LStart your project with an accurate base.
  • LUsing the latest generation of Leica equipment

Site Setting Out

We can provide a site setting out service to accurately mark out positions on the ground extracted from drawings and plans.

Working alongside architects, engineers and construction professionals we provide setting out and site engineering services to help contractors to accurately position elements such as walls, foundations and blockwork.

topographical survey of cleared site in cornwall
setting out surveyor cornwall

Minimise the risk of rework

Accurately setting out points with specialised equipment can help to minimise delays, provide an extra level of quality assurance to your project, reduce the risk of rework and ultimately save money.

We use industry leading Leica robotic total stations which enable the surveyor to focus entirely on the accuracy of setting out. Points can be set out to within a few millimeters.

We can help with site setting out to ensure your building project goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

The Setting Out Process


1. Quotation

Provide us with details of your project’s setting out. We’ll review the information and send a quote. On quote approval your job is booked in and a site visit arranged.


2. Prepare data

We use CAD software to extract the relevant points to be set out from your project drawings. This data is uploaded to our survey instruments for use on site.


3. Setting Out

We’ll visit your site and mark out the relevant points on the ground. Transferring key points from your project drawings into the real world.

4. Report

If required, we can provide you with a complete report of all points that were set out along with achieved accuracy for each point.

Why Choose Us?



Fast turn-around of measured data to get your project off the ground and moving fast.


Our comprehensive surveys provide a reliable foundation for your project.


Working closely with clients, we tailor our service to provide relevant survey solutions.



Capture of all site detail, from building and boundary locations to ceiling heights and socket positions.


Make informed decisions about your site with our plans and digital terrain models.

After Care

Updates or amendments are no problem and are undertaken swiftly to keep your project on track.

Have a project in mind?

If you require a land surveyor in Cornwall or wish to discuss an upcoming project that we may be able to help with, please get in touch with us today.